Code of Conduct

Wit Exhibit is committed to open and respectful discourse. While expressive freedom is vital in supporting personal opinions, beliefs and perspectives, we will not publish or distribute content which abuses this environment for threatening, malicious, judgmental, predatory or violent intentions. To clarify, we will not publish content which:

 - Propagates an attack or threat towards an individual or group of people. Any conflicting opinion should be expressed using relevant facts and details. Rather than condemning an opposing side, articulate (to the best of your ability) their stance, opinions and beliefs in addition to your own.

-Engages in ad hominem attacks. Criticisms and disagreements should be based in the substance of a perspective or viewpoint and not in the persons voicing their opinions.

-Reveals private information without clearly documented consent of any and all individuals. 

-Is produced with the clear intent of generating profit, revenue or any commercial gain. User-generated links to any external sites where purchases or commercial transactions take place will not be permitted. As a clarification, interested parties may contact us via in the interest of advertising on the site (which will be clearly separated from content).

-Uses explicit, offensive or socially-charged negative language for non-journalistic or editorial purposes. As an example, quotations including profanity, personal narratives or explanations incorporating slurs or other derogatory terms will be permitted under the circumstances that they provide an intellectually-valuable reason for doing so and an indication at the beginning of the article.